Friday, July 30, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Also a backlog post from two weeks ago
One of my rituals after a morning run but before I've cooled off enough to shower without just instantly sweating again is to pour up cereal for my breakfast. This morning I realized that cereal boxes absolutely always have broken pieces... no matter how careful you are to not drop the box or squeeze it, there's always a ton of broken cereal in the bottom. I think they fill the bottom 1/3rd of the bag with leftover bits before they even but any whole pieces in. That's how they save money... they never have to throw away anything at the cereal factory, they just dump all the leftover bits in with the good ones.

Sometimes while running, once you've started to get burned out on the same music you've been running with for the last two months, you start to have deep, meaningful thoughts. Or at least other people say they do. I mostly think that I really should take the time to pick new music to listen to, but never do and instead just start skipping songs and end up burning out on even my favorites. So this morning I gave myself a topic to think about while running...

Things to say at the start of the marathon to make friends:
I figured there'd be more women to look at back here in the 5 hour corral.
I've never run a 26K before, have you?

Hmm... that's all of two things... I think I better think of more tomorrow...I hear you end up standing around for a good hour before the start, and with 18000 people around I bet somebody will have heard those before! This thinking while running thing just isn't working yet...

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