Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lower 50's, overcast, slight breeze... absolutely perfect running weather for me. 17.5 miles all right on my chosen pace for the day. The last mile or two was definitely more work than the first couple, but a shot block and a few swigs of water every 3 miles or so as I made each lap of the neighborhood and I was good all morning. Running up and down the stairs to get the house ready for a party tonight is not exactly fun now, but not impossible. Next weekend is a cutback to just 12 miles but after that I'll start my prerace ritual of a bagel before setting out for long runs and try the flavor of Gatorade they'll provide on the race course. Sometime soon I also need to try a long run that incorporates some of the uphill segments from the marathon. I just don't have a route in the neighborhood that has that much sustained climbing (some of my streets are steeper than the race course, but they're only for 1/2 mile at a time or so, and hill repeats are not the same thing as going uphill for an hour.)

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