Friday, October 22, 2010

Catching up

It's been a busy two months since I last posted! Lots of work has kept me from spending free time writing anything, so I'll catch you up...
Switching to running a little less often but for more distance worked and I lost 2 pounds in a few weeks. Now I'm up to running more than half the days and for more distance and maintaining or losing still. Of course the last couple weeks have been totally shot for running, missing a weekday run last week feeling sick and two this week with back pain, aside from missing last weekend's long run for a car race at Eagle's Canyon. I had been pretty confident I could run and drive in the same day, but a long day of Friday practice reminded me how much you get beat up driving a race car! I opted for more sleep.
On the bright side, my weekend long run was up to 10 miles for 23 miles per week total before those troubles. (No wonder I managed to lose some weight!)
Still playing around with different shoe inserts to correct my toe-out on the right foot and right hip pain. A trip to the Podiatrist yesterday confirmed my right leg is a bit longer than the left, and he gave me a different set of orthotics to try if the Superfeet don't get the job done. Hopefully I can avoid custom $600 ones!
Next up tomorrow: my first-ever race... the Livestrong Challenge 5K here in Austin!
And next week, I'm officially in training for the Austin Marathon. I registered nearly a month ago and this is supposed to be week 1 of the Higdon Novice II plan... I plan on 24 miles next week!

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